The Eve of Spring

DSC09333 (2)

On the eve of Spring,

Earth is a dirty place!

A rowdy Fall seems to have

flung things here and there,

and Winter stubbornly

refused to pick them up.

The result is a sad chaos of

decaying leaves, abandoned nests

and an impressive assortment of litter

from some drunken teenage party.

Twigs and broken branches

are strewn like tiny corpses

on the ground.

Emerging from the dead,

Spring instinctively will come;

bringing with it

an elixir of cleansing rain.

After the purge,

rejuvenation is conceived.

Every long-forgotten seed

begins to grow and the landscape

will change before our eyes.

But for now, trees bend

like little old men,

crippled by harsh winds

and the burden of snow.

From their stooped position,

they lift their weathered faces

toward the sun – as we all do –

on the eve of Spring.

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Elixir

Controversy at 5:00 PM

IMG_3423 (2)Every Tuesday at 5:00pm, there is a trail of toys in my house that stretches from the front door all the way to the bedroom where my grandson sleeps when we keep him two days a week. I pick up each toy, one by one, and think of the fun (or the frustration) he had before it was abandoned there on the floor. As I pick up the ball, I remember the mischievous smile he had when he threw it in the house after I told him not too. I remember the tears that fell when I took the ball away and how quickly the smile returned when I gave it back to him 10 minutes later! I make my way to his room with an armload of toys, but he’s not there. Every Thursday at 9:00am, he’s back. There is no trail of toys to follow, but he knows the way to his room. Play commences and toys yet again follow him wherever he goes. After he leaves at 5:00pm, there is a trail of toys from his room all the way to the front door. I pick them up, put them away, but he’s not there. Now here’s the controversy: Sometimes my husband will say “We should make him pick up his toys before he leaves” and I’ll say “but where’s the fun in that!”

My response to today’s one-word challenge: Controversy

A Rainbow Moon and a Deep Pink Sea

275770When I immerse myself in daydreams, what do I see? Beautiful visions! Creative words! Thoughts so endearing I am quite taken with myself! But can I turn those daydreams into writing? Almost never! Like the other day, for instance, I imagined the ocean wasn’t blue. It was maroon in the middle where it’s deep, gradually changing to rosy pink as it gets closer to shore, becoming lacy white fingers when it tickles the sand. The only other thoughts I had were of rainbow moons and puppies with white fur that sparkles. That’s it! That’s all I had! No way of tying the three together; just a rainbow moon, a deep pink sea and a puppy with white fur that sparkles! But stay tuned – I’ll keep working on it. You just never know what I might come up with!

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Immerse

The Quiet Battle


Morning fog invades a lovely Kansas farm in the pre-dawn hours of a clear winter day. It intends to lie low for a spell, parlaying rest into stubborn courage for the fight that looms ahead; an inevitable skirmish between Fog and Sun.

As Fog hunkers down, it blankets winter wheat and hugs the stubble of last year’s corn which lies dying in the field. It settles itself along the fence that separates the farm in stately fashion and it laces haunting fingers through the trees. It covertly surrounds the silo, the barn, the shed; and forms a luminous halo around the single light left burning to ward off possible dangers tempted to lurk in shadowed corners.

At sunrise the battle begins. Fog is brave and refuses to yield, but the fight does not rage for long. Sun is a strong and formidable enemy. Flanked on all sides with no place to hide, Fog is swiftly defeated. Forced to surrender, a virtual white flag is waved as it retreats.

When the farm is fully bathed in golden rays, you would never suspect that a quiet battle had ever taken place here.

For Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

(Photo was taken on a foggy morning road trip, through the car window, with a cell phone!)

For Today’s One-Word Prompt: Parlay

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Looking Up At Things

I spend a lot of time looking up at things. More often than not, I enjoy what I find there! Whether it’s the beauty of sky, clouds and cliffs, an ancient city wall in Cesky Krumlov, a Cathedral in Prague, the chapel windows at Hampton Court Palace, a tower in Auckland, a sculpture in Arizona, a storm brewing in London, or the light fixture on my bathroom ceiling, there is much to appreciate by looking up!


For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Looking Up At Things