The Quiet Battle


Morning fog invades a lovely Kansas farm in the pre-dawn hours of a clear winter day. It intends to lie low for a spell, parlaying rest into stubborn courage for the fight that looms ahead; an inevitable skirmish between Fog and Sun.

As Fog hunkers down, it blankets winter wheat and hugs the stubble of last year’s corn which lies dying in the field. It settles itself along the fence that separates the farm in stately fashion and it laces haunting fingers through the trees. It covertly surrounds the silo, the barn, the shed; and forms a luminous halo around the single light left burning to ward off possible dangers tempted to lurk in shadowed corners.

At sunrise the battle begins. Fog is brave and refuses to yield, but the fight does not rage for long. Sun is a strong and formidable enemy. Flanked on all sides with no place to hide, Fog is swiftly defeated. Forced to surrender, a virtual white flag is waved as it retreats.

When the farm is fully bathed in golden rays, you would never suspect that a quiet battle had ever taken place here.

For Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

(Photo was taken on a foggy morning road trip, through the car window, with a cell phone!)

For Today’s One-Word Prompt: Parlay


17 thoughts on “The Quiet Battle

  1. I just loved this. The picture is beautiful but your words transcend it taking us gently through that magical moment on a foggy morning when the sun is just bound to win through!

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