The Eve of Spring

DSC09333 (2)

On the eve of Spring,

Earth is a dirty place!

A rowdy Fall seems to have

flung things here and there,

and Winter stubbornly

refused to pick them up.

The result is a sad chaos of

decaying leaves, abandoned nests

and an impressive assortment of litter

from some drunken teenage party.

Twigs and broken branches

are strewn like tiny corpses

on the ground.

Emerging from the dead,

Spring instinctively will come;

bringing with it

an elixir of cleansing rain.

After the purge,

rejuvenation is conceived.

Every long-forgotten seed

begins to grow and the landscape

will change before our eyes.

But for now, trees bend

like little old men,

crippled by harsh winds

and the burden of snow.

From their stooped position,

they lift their weathered faces

toward the sun – as we all do –

on the eve of Spring.

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Elixir


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