In the Gloom

Ron Koeberer gettyimages

He walked through the door

and found a nothingness,

like the set of a silent movie

being filmed in black and white.

He could hardly tell

the ceiling from the floor.

In the gloom, he found a window

and pulled back gathered curtains.

Slender beams of light

exposed a million specks of dust,

all annoyed at being wakened

from their dream.

He was uncertain of his purpose,

but tenacious in his search.

He focused on the door –

then she breezed in!

Suddenly, the room was drenched in color!

A light had been switched on

and perceptively he knew

why he was there.

He tried to tell her

just how much

he’d missed her,

but she was fleeting…like the wind,

and disappeared.

Is that what it’s like

when you need someone,

but there is no “someone”

to be found?

My response to today’s one-word prompt: Tenacious

Photo by gettyimages/Ron Koeberer


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