Night-time serves up a slender slice of moon,

proposes a toast of evening dew

and watches as giddy shadows stagger before they fall.

Nocturnal animals begin to stir – the night is theirs.

Tempted by the dark, young mice come out of hiding

thinking “surely that ole cat won’t find us here”.

The sound of silence is masked

by an endless chirping of crickets,

but their white noise does nothing

to lessen the chill of the coyote as he howls.

A pesky raccoon clanks a rusty bucket

when he can’t resist meddling where he doesn’t belong.

New moon or full moon or no moon at all;

inhabitants of the darkness, predator or prey,

adapt to whatever light they have.

Poised on his perch, with a hoot every now and then,

an owl waits patiently for the moon to grow.

Once it does, the mice who survived the cat in the dark

will huddle together in fear,

for they’ve seen the terror of a hungry owl

who hunts by the light of the moon.


My response to today’s one-word prompt: Meddle

Owl Painting – Artwork by Dennis

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