The Introvert


She is just a girl

whose sunlight stays inside her

silently shining


People who are shy, like me, can be difficult to get to know, but don’t dismiss us. We can sparkle too, in our own way!

This haiku is my response to today’s one-word prompt: Shimmer

Photo credit: Bing/4.bp.blogspot


21 thoughts on “The Introvert

  1. How I love this. And how my two youngest daughter’s to who I am sending it will love it. If I am not much mistaken this will be adorning two bedroom walls- one in Liverpool, the other in Bristol (UK both) ….

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  2. Fabulous words and oh, so true. I know you would never know it… but I’m shy too. I learn to do what I have to do and I have also learned to make opportunities for conversations but when I was young, I swear I would not talk to anyone unless they said something to me first. I was incredibly shy. Deep inside those who are shy is great beauty waiting to be noticed!


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