My writing is not profound. I do not search the depths of my soul in pursuit of something meaningful to say. Rather, I write what I think my grandchildren can someday identify with. Something they will understand. Something they might read and say, “Yep, that sounds like Grammy” or better yet “I love how Grammy writes”!


I’ve always enjoyed writing poetry, so on this – my “Grammy Writes” blog – I’ll share some of it with you. I can also ramble on in essay-form about a particular topic, so I’ll share some of that as well. I’ll post pictures since photography can complete a story when words alone can not.  I’m sure to throw in a post or two about travel because…well, because I love to travel! No matter the content, it will be light and non-confrontational. Easy-peasy! Here, the content will be MY words, MY way – simple!

Thank you to the blogging world in general, and to Word Press specifically, for being an outlet for us to share whatever our creative minds come up with!

Linda Powell