Proceed with Caution

Dancing on the Face of the Moon

A Child’s Wish List

The House in my Heart

Don’t Judge Me, I Won’t Judge You


Angels Among Us

A Flower’s Summer Song

Fear on a Stormy Night

Who Wants to Play?

Word Prompt and Poetry Style Challenges

Let Your Heart Sing

In the Gloom

My Prudent Thoughts of You – a Haiku

The Eve of Spring

Help! Save Me!

Filtering Thoughts


When the Artwork is Gone

Faded Autumn Colors – Haiku

The Seasons as I See It

If Only…

The Last Leaf

On and On

Do You See Me – a style challenge

At the Park – a style challenge

Set Me Free Said the Sea – a style challenge

I Want to be That Wise

Dark Days – a style challenge

Open Your Eyes

Trust is Elusive


Our Journey, My Love